Location Managers' Scouting Tour of
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

In Fall 2005, two groups of nine Location Scouts from Los Angeles, CA, were invited by the Royal Film Commission to tour their beautiful country so that others in Hollywood might learn of its incredible potential as a filming location. They scouted the entire country, from the Syrian border south to Saudia Arabia, from the Israeli border east towards Iraq, and everywhere in between. It was as a direct result of this familiarization tour that Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen filmed in Jordan in 2008.


Lori Balton
Mike Burmeister
Mike Fantasia
Ilt Jones
Liz Matthews
Kathy McCurdy
Emre Sonmez
Rob Swenson
Scott Trimble

Molly Allen
Bill Bowling
Becky Brake
Douglas Dresser
Peter Gluck
Nancy Haecker
John Hutchinson
Michelle Latham
Peter Novak

Thank you to Samer Mouasher, Abed Humood, Ruba al Ayed, Priscilla Philippi, George David, Bader Helal, Dina Raad, Khaled al Bajjali, Rami, Shadi Nimri, Dalia al Kury, Vichan Sharma, Nora Hourani, Suhad Khatib, and all the rest of the many staff members of the Royal Film Commission who made these amazing location scouting trips possible!
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